Storage Tips

Tip #1: Put wooden pallets on the floor of your unit. This will allow air to circulate.

Tip #2: Make a complete list of all goods stored including brand names and serial numbers. Keep this list in a safe place away from your storage space

Tip #3: Cover your goods with a drop cloth. This will keep any dust that settles off of your goods.

Tip #4: Put your larger goods that you don’t need to access into the unit first. Try to keep all goods you will need access to more frequently towards the front of the unit.

Tip #5: To prevent rust of metal goods, wipe all metal surfaces with a rag containing a small amount of machine oil.

Tip #6: When possible, try to leave a small aisle within your unit to allow access to your goods located in the rear.

Tip #7: When storing mattresses, cover with a plastic mattress cover and be sure to store on a flat and level surface. We provide mattress covers for purchase in our rental office.

Tip #8: Boxes should be packed securely to prevent collapsing. Use newsprint or packing peanuts to fill idle space. We provide a variety of packing supplies and boxes for purchase in our rental office.

Tip #9: When storing machine equipment, make sure all fluids are drained to prevent corrosion and danger.

Tip #10: Always use a secure lock on your unit. We provide locks for purchase in our rental office.

Tip #11: Make sure to label each box with its contents to provide for easy identification of the goods they contain.

Tip #12: When storing boxes, make sure the larger, heavier boxes are placed towards the bottom of the stack.

Tip #13: Try to stack chairs on top of one another seat-to-seat. This will conserve space and prevent dust collection on chair seats.

Tip #14: Do not store any goods that are combustible, flammable, or perishable for your safety and that of others.

Tip #15: To conserve space, stand goods such as couches, love seats and mattresses on end.

Tip #16: When storing tables and other furniture, check to see if legs are removable. This will save you more space for other goods.

Tip #17: Make sure all glass items are individually wrapped. When packing dishes and glass, make sure plenty of packing material is used to secure safety. A variety of packing supplies are available for purchase in our rental office.


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